success story of utopia departments in Grand Rotana Resort &Spa.

The success of any institution is the outcome of the success of the different departments and the extent of cooperation and sense of responsibility among these departments. What distinguishes Utopia is the stability of the departments, the efficiency of the team and the ability of the manager to work in a team spirit, and here the various Utopia administrations are honored during the Utopia cycle meeting 2018

About the Production Department Dr. Wael Abdel Fattah
About the Registration Department Dr. / Labani Abdul Shakour
About Design Management Engineer / Sarah
About Distribution and Logistics Management Dr. Ahmed Abdel Wahab
About the Financial Management
About the Human Resources Management Professor / Mohamed Anwar and Professor / Duaa Ghoneim
About the Training and Development Department Dr. Abdul Rahim Abu Bakrisha
About the Department of Marketing / Dr. Imad Yousef The shield was awarded to Dr. / Ahmed Abdel Razek
About the Purchasing Department Mr. Mohamed Ismail