Report a Problem or an Adverse Event

ll medical service providers all over the world (from the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical companies, Physicians, Pharmacists, Nursing staff to the Patient) all over the world collaborate to report rapidly any Adverse Drug Event, Medication Errors, or any other drug-related problem or complaint as it can save the lives of their patients and others.
 ..... As Soon As Possible within 24 Hours ..... 
Not later than by next business day to Pharmacovigilance (PhV) Division at UTOPIA.
Report all suspected adverse events (Known or Not / Serious or Non-Serious) are welcome and useful.
Events should be reported even if:
You are Not Certain the product caused the adverse event.
Do not have all details.
Always it’s best practice to submit a report.
There are Three main ways to report as the following: -
1) Report onlineReport an Adverse Event )
2) Download a template as shown on right side ===>
2.1) Firstly, Download one of these templates: ===>
2.2) Then, after filling out any of the reporting forms, all reports can be sent to Utopia Pharmacovigilance (PhV) Division via
UTOPIA PhV e-mail: ( or via sending on PhV WhatsApp Number (01110202227)
3) Call us directly on UTOPIA PhV Phone Number (01110202227)
 "UTOPIA Pharmacovigilance Vision"
UTOPIA is committed to achieve a well-structured Pharmacovigilance System also committed to being vigilant about the safety profile of its products.We at UTOPIA not only detect, but also proactively assess and manage drug risk throughout a product’s lifecycle, from development to post market.
 "UTOPIA Pharmacovigilance Mission"
1) Safeguard Public Health by improving patient care and safety in relation to the use of medicines.
2) Encourage the safe, rational and more effective use of medicines.
3) To early Detect problems related to the use of medicines and communicate the findings in a timely manner.
4) Preventing Harm from Adverse Reactions.
Reporting adverse effects is vital to the safe use of the drug.Adequate information provided by patients enables the company to assess the safety of the pharmaceuticals in circulation.

 More information about Pharmacovigilance & Reporting System