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6 Secrets to be a successful medical representative

6 Secrets to be a successful medical representative:1-Self

  • utopia best achievers Q2 2021

    Congratulations to The Best Achievers of Q2 -2021

    Congratulations to The Best Achievers of Q2 -2021#

  • EUS Workshop

    EUS Workshop Sponsored by Utopia

    #EUS#UtopiaEUS Workshop by :Prof Magdy aldahshanProf Hussein

  • The 5th Annual Conference AHC 2021

    #The_5th_Annual_Conference_AHC_2021#UtopiaFor All Gastroenterologists

  • Summer Hypertension conference #cardiologists

    #Summer_Hypertension_conference#cardiologists#UtopiaUtopia was here

  • the third Hands-on training course of MMISU2021

    For all urologist‏Utopia pharmaceutical‏Invite you to register in the

  • Anti-infective: role in IBD by Prof. Mohammed Assem Khorshid

    ECCO & Utopia PharmaHave the honor to invite you for our session:

  • الحلقة الخامسة من مسابقة العظام"EGAA Case Scenario Competition" مع ا.د عمرو رشوا

    #EGAA_case_ScenarioEpisode 5 of the Orthopedic Competition "EGAA Case

  • Utopia has been honored to be there with the Egyptian orthopedic association at the Deform

    #Egyptian_orthopedic_association#UtopiaUtopia has been honored to be

  • Annual conference of Nile Thoracic society "Covid and lung "

    #utopiaUtopia pharma honor to participateAnnual conference of Nile

  • Utopia Assesement_2_2021

    #Assesement2_2021#LeadershipUtopia is always preparing new leadersby

  • MMISU_2021 #urologists -Fifth scientific day

    #MMISU_2021#urologists-Fifth scientific day(live surgeries) of 2021-

  • the fourth scientific day (live surgeries) of 2021-Training Program of Mediterranean Minim

    For all urologistUtopia pharmaceuticals invite you to attendthe

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Hypertension and autonomic nervous system

  Hypertnsion and Autonomic Nervous System Function «HANS» study Dr. Abd Elmoneim M. Mashaal MDProfessor of cardiology, National Heart Institute Embaba ...

Duloxetine vs pregabalin

Duloxetine is an SNRI that inhibits reuptake of Serotonin and Norepinephrine from Synaptic clefts in Brain and Spinal Cord .Duloxetine has received its FDA approval for...