Participation of students in the Egyptian Heart Conference 2019

The Egyptian Heart Association, under the auspices of Utopia, organized a health awareness session to discuss the dangers of smoking and unhealthy eating, which in turn lead to heart and arterial diseases. "
For the period of three consecutive years, where the activity began in 2017 in the presence of students to lecture his heart professors and listen to the dangers of bad habits and then develop activity in 2018 preparing students for research and many topics in the field of health awareness and presented to his professors heart
And the new 2019 students made posters and publications on awareness of the dangers of smoking and unhealthy food and not play the sport regularly, which in turn leads to heart disease and arteries

The session was attended by Prof. Magdy Abdel Hamid, President of the Egyptian Heart Association
Prof. Basem Zarif, Professor of Cardiology at the National Heart Institute