Moxifloxacin 400 mg
(3rd generation fluoroquinolones).

Skin and skin structure infections.
Intra-abdominal infections. H. Pylori Regimen.
Diabetic foot infections. Odontogenic infection.

Why Moxavidex?
Cover (g +ve, g -ve and it is the most active
fluoroquinolones against anaerobes).
Recommended by Infection dieases society of america guideline in skin and skin
structure, intra-abdominal and diabetic foot infections
respectively as initial empirical monotherapy.
Recommended by Japanese society of gastroenterology
in treatment of H.pylori (evidence level A). 

Dose                                    1 Tablet Once Daily
Box                                        1 Strips Each strip contains 5 Tablets

Antiinfectives for Systemic use