Child Care Workshop


As part of Utopia's societal responsibility towards women and their different roles in Egyptian society and in celebration of International Women's Day and Mother's Day, and their crucial role in caring for children, Utopia, in collaboration with Dr. Nermine Ismail Schools, presented a comprehensive workshop on childcare as a gift to parents, doctors, teachers, and child caregivers. The workshop was presented by child caregivers from different countries to explain the latest developments in proper child preparation and how to discover competencies and talents.

The workshop covered many topics that interest every mother, including:

- An introduction to the program and the Oxygen Academy, presented by Dr. Mohamed Omar Jalal.
- The basics of color science: Discover your child's personality and support them, presented by Dr. Noha Abdel Shakour.
- The safe and comfortable psychological environment around the child, presented by Raja Abbas Faida.
- Balancing between belonging and independence, presented by Addy Schultz.
- The early stages of Erickson (from birth to 5 years), presented by Maha Salah.
- The emotional balance and its relationship to children's diseases, presented by Dr. Jehan Salah Al-Basil.
- Proper handling according to the child's nature, presented by Ahmed Ramah.
- Ideal and practical design and decor for the child's room from birth to maturity, presented by Eman Taha.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, March 18, at 10:00 am, in the main hall of Dr. Nermine Ismail School in 6th of October Governorate.
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