Respiratory System


Composition  Dried ivy leaf extract 45mg /5ml.  Indication Cough due to acute respiratory tract inflammation.

Symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory

bronchial diseases. Why Monohexial?

Purely herbal with high tolerability.

Combined safely with other medicines.

Suitable for children, adults and diabeties.

Free from alcohol ,sugar and colorings...


CompositionLevocetrizine Dihydrochloride.Tablet 5 mg.Syrup 5 mg /10 ml.Drops 5 mg/1 ml.

IndicationFor treatment of allergic reactions.

Why Levohistam?3rd generation antihistamine the most recent withthe highest efficacy.Lowest side effect negligible adverse reaction.FDA approved from 6 months.Only once daily dose controlling 24...

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