Digestive System


Composition Silymarin 140mg Dandelion 100mg Echinacea 100mg.   Indication Fatty liver disease ( Non alcoholic steato hepatitis and Non alcoholic fatty liver disease ). Elevated liver enzyme. Hepatic cirrhossis. After Antiviral treatment regimen. Drug induced hepatitis.   Why Suplfect? Specific combination with 2 antioxidants & Immune...



Each tablet contains 500mg of Nitazoxanide.

Each 5ml suspension contains 100mg of Nitazoxanide.


Treatment of Diarrhea and Gastroenteritis caused by Bacteria, Protozoa and Viruses

Why Nanazoxid?

Nanazoxid is a broad spectrum GI anit-infective anti-diarrheal.

With the minimal...


CompositionItopride HCL 50mg

IndicationFunctional dyspepsia (indigestion-early fullness).IBS* & constipation.Acid related disorder & Gastro esophgeal reflux diseas.Gastroparesis (diabetes – postsurgical).

   Why Alkapride?Dual mechanism of action.Activate gastrointestinal motility(stomach, duodenum, small intestine and...


Composition: Immediate release Omeprazole 20/40 mg Sodium Bicarbonate 1,689 mg Forms: Downoprazol is available in Capsules 20/40mg. Powder for oral suspention (Sachets) 20/40mg. Indication: Duodenal and Gastric ulcer. Treatment of GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). Used in treatment of H.Pylori. Nocturnal Reflux. Maintain healing of Erosive Esophagitis. Risk reduction of Upper...
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