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 Torsemide 5mg - 10mg - 20mg - 100mg Tablets.

20mg/2ml Ampule.

Indication and Dosage:

Torseretic is taken ONCE DAILY, regadless of meals.

1. Treatment of Edema associated with:

Congestive Heart Failure:

The initial daily dose is 10-20mg, which can be gradually increased until the desired diuretic effect is reached.

Individual dose not to...


Composition Ezetimibe 10 mg. Simvastatin 20&40mg. Indication For treatment of dyslipidemia. Why Downsterolin? Greater reduction in LDL-c as it acts on 2 cholesterol pathways (synthesis by Simvastatin and absorption by ezetimibe). Lower side effects (elevation in liver enzymes or myopathy) compared to high doses of statins.

Dose             Once Daily1 Tablet...



Combination Amlodipine 5&10mg Valsartan 160 mg

IndicationFor management of hypertension.

Why Blokatens?Recommended by all guidelines AHA 2016*& European society of cardiology  2013 for hypertensive diabetic,dyslipidemic & metabolic syndrome patients.Superior efficacy in reducing central bloodpressure...

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